The J Dilla Foundation

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We are pleased to announce the launch of the J Dilla Foundation (JDF) official website. It’s the home of all things related to the foundation: news, events, interactive forums – and of course, music!

JDF is geared up to host a round of events in the upcoming year to celebrate the life of J Dilla (James Dewitt Yancey, 1974-2006) and to continue his legacy by supporting the dreams of children who are interested in the arts.

The recent news of J Dilla’s MPC being donated to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture will serve as a way to honor his career and his musical legacy, while bringing national awareness to lupus. The exhibit is set to open in 2016.

JDF is hosting a series of “LOVE DILLA” events which will be chronicled on the site. In addition to the series, fans will be able to upload video messages and interact with each other via live Twitter chats. We are most excited about upcoming youth events and displaying the art work we receive from fans around the world.
Thomas C.Pedroni
Tom is an Associate Professor of Curriculum Studies at Wayne State University and the Director of the Detroit Data and Democracy Project. He is currently reconstructing Wayne State’s new teacher orientation course—Becoming an Urban Educator—to make it more resonant with and reflective of urban youth, social justice, and place- and community-based education. Tom believes that […]
Nomadik has been a Hip Hop, R&b, reggae & Jazz DJ for over 14 years. During that time she has hosted radio shows on WERS (88.9fm) & WMBR (88.1fm) in the Boston area. She has DJed in various venues throughout the Greater Boston area & occupied residencies @ the Milky Way, Jamaica Plain, Harper’s Ferry […]
Shervon Coleman
Shervon Coleman, Creative Director of Dear Rene, serves as brand management consultant and creative consultant for the J Dilla Foundation.  She advises businesses, organizations, companies and individuals on how to maintain, improve and uphold their brand, so that their name is associated with positive results. Shervon also specializes in marketing, trademarks, patents, contracts and licensing, […]
Marialys Diaz
Marialys Diaz is a young professional based in Montreal. Immigrated to Montreal from Venezuela in 1995, she is currently working for popular website MTL Blog ( and holds a Certificate in Human Resources Management from McGill University. She is currently in the middle of the completion of a certificate in Social and Labour Law from […]
John Yancey
John Derek Yancey better known as “Illa J” (born October 13, 1986 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American rapper, singer, producer & songwriter. He is a solo artist but also is currently an active member of Detroit based groups Slum Village and Yancey Boys. He also has another alias “John Regal”. He taught himself how […]