J Dilla ultimately, directly or indirectly, inspired everyone doing it now. That’s why we’re excited to launch the J Dilla Music Tech Grant focused on delivering the future of music learning through innovative tech tools and curriculum. This revolutionary program reflects how music is being made today by bringing integrated 21st century training techniques to local communities and school districts. Our goal is to bring out students’ inner creativity, talent, and confidence by teaching them the fundamentals of electronic music creation, recording, and production.
J Dilla Music Tech Grant Requirements
Be a public high school
Provide at least one full-time certified teacher and schedule the class as part of the regular school day
Schedule a minimum of 45 minutes of instruction per week
Have a room dedicated for instruction and designate adequate, secure storage space for equipment Complete annual progress reports and host representatives from
Save The Music for check-in visits
Maintain working condition of all donated technology and equipment.
VH1 Save The Music Foundation Grant
PDF of Grant Content
2. Music Tech Grant Contents 2019
(Madukes and Wyclef VMA'S RED CARPET)
The VH1 Save The Music Foundation announced the J Dilla Music Tech grant to help support music education in schools across the country.
Wyclef Jean and J Dilla's mom talked to us on the VMAs red carpet about the late rapper's legacy, and why it's so important to support music and art funding.​
Robert Glasper is a leader of a new paradigm in jazz, with a career that has slipped successfully between a whole spectrum of styles, genres, & communities. This month (now hailed Robtober), he marks his return to the Blue Note–– one of his first stomping grounds–– for another month-long residency.
Live from the Blue Note, Boiler Room is broadcasting Robert's J Dilla tribute: a live set of newly-versioned classic Dilla jams, performed alongside his band, & T3 of Slum Village.
The show will benefit Save The Music Foundation & their J Dilla Music Tech Grant. To learn more about the grant, visit
To support Save The Music’s please donate.
Watch the Recorded Stream: Watch Robert Glasper lead an hour-long J Dilla tribute at the Blue Note below. The pianist’s residency runs through November 3rd
10/25/2019 Happy Earth Day Toney Smith
5. The Legacy of Hip-Hop Producer J Dilla Will Be Recognized 
Maureen Yancey, J Dilla’s mother announced the donation last week at the annual D.C. Loves Dilla concert in Washington. The decision to donate her son’s Moog synthesizer and MPC beat machine followed years of conversations she had with Smithsonian’s popular-music historian, Timothy Burnside. They first met at a previous D.C. Loves Dilla concert. Yancey invited the historian to her home in Detroit, and during several visits, they sipped iced tea and discussed how to preserve J Dilla’s legacy. That same house was where Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, and Common all came to record. “He worked with absolutely everybody,” Burnside says. “Getting a Dilla beat was a big deal.”